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  • Job Position Opening! - The University of Minnesota Schools of Public Health and Medicine are excited to announce the availability of a postdoctoral research education fellowship position in Cancer Disparities. This education and career development program is funded by the National Cancer Institute (Jean Forster, PhD and Kola Okuyemi, MD, MPH, Co-PIs). This program is focused on training researchers to develop and evaluate interventions and policies to reduce cancer-related inequities among disadvantaged populations in both clinical and population settings, using a Community Based Participatory Research framework. The program also intends to enhance the diversity of the research workforce in this area by recruiting individuals from underrepresented/disadvantaged populations. Requisition Number: 192664. For More Information.
  • Exploring Sex and Gender Differences in Sleep Health: A Society for Women's Health Research Report - Previous attempts have been made to address sleep disorders in women; however, significant knowledge gaps in research and a lack of awareness among the research community continue to exist. There is a great need for scientists and clinicians to consider sex and gender differences in their sleep research to account for the unique biology of women. Differences in sleep behavior and sleep disorders may not only be driven by biological factors but also by gender differences in the way women and men report symptoms. Progress has been made in identifying sex and gender differences in many areas of sleep, but major research gaps in the areas of epidemiology, sleep regulation, sleep quality, diagnosis, and treatment need to be addressed. Identifying the underlying nature of sex and gender differences in sleep research has potential to accelerate improved care for both men and women facilitating better diagnosis, treatment, and ultimately prevention of sleep disorders and related comorbid conditions. To Read More.
  • Drug Improves Birth Rates for Women with Ovary Disorder - Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a leading cause of female infertility. It affects 5-10% of reproductive-age women. Women with PCOS have unusually high levels of male hormones, infrequent or irregular menstruation cycles, and oftentimes enlarged ovaries packed with fluid-filled cysts. The current treatment for PCOS infertility is the drug clomiphene. It works by blocking estrogen action, which stimulates hormones that induce ovulation. However, clomiphene has multiple side effects, including hot flashes and mood changes. The drug’s 22% success rate for live births is relatively low, and it tends to lead to a high number of twin or multiple pregnancies. To Read More.
  • Genetic Cause of Common Breast Cancer Tumors Found - A major breakthrough in understanding the molecular basis of fibroadenoma, one of the most common breast tumors diagnosed in women, has been made by a multidisciplinary team of scientists. The team used advanced DNA sequencing technologies to identify a critical gene called MED12 that was repeatedly disrupted in nearly 60 percent of fibroadenoma cases. To Read More.
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