About Us

Our History

The Deborah E. Powell Center for Women’s Health was designated as an Academic Center of Excellence in Women’s Health in September 2003 by the Office of Women's Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, after a competitive application process. The University of Minnesota was one of 19 academic centers at universities across the country, including Harvard, Boston University, UCLA and Brown. The University of Minnesota was chosen because of the breadth and depth in clinical care for women, research, education and community outreach.

The National Centers of Excellence in Women's Health serve as national models to provide innovative, comprehensive and multidisciplinary health care for women. The Centers strive to improve the health of all women, including women in underserved and minority communities. This is accomplished by striving for excellence in clinical care, education of healthcare professionals, research, and outreach to communities. The University already has many excellent women's health programs in place. The Center's organizational structure facilitates collaboration, integration, and coordination of these programs to initiate significant changes in women's health care for women throughout the State of Minnesota.

Mature Women’s Health Endowment

The Powell Center for Women’s Health was a fortunate recipient of a $1.025 million donation as a result of class action lawsuit against Solvay Pharmaceuticals for promoting their hormone replacement therapy drug for a non-FDA approved indication. After all members of the class action law suit received their settlement, the law firm representing the plaintiffs needed to disperse the residual funds to worthy and related causes. Our goal is to create an endowed chair to support research, education, and other related activities to advance mature women’s health.