Mature Women’s Health Initiative

The mission of the Mature Women's Health Initiative is to advance research in aging women.

Mature Women’s Health Endowment

The Powell Center for Women’s Health was a fortunate recipient of a $1.025 million donation as a result of class action lawsuit against Solvay Pharmaceuticals for promoting their hormone replacement therapy drug for a non-FDA approved indication. After all members of the class action law suit received their settlement, the law firm representing the plaintiffs needed to disperse the residual funds to worthy and related causes. Our goal is to create an endowed chair to support research, education, and other related activities to advance mature women’s health.

Scholar in Mature Women's Health

The Powell Center for Women’s Health is pleased to announce its inaugural Scholar in Mature Women’s Health, Dr. Corjena Cheung, assistant professor at the University of Minnesota School of Nursing. The Scholar in Mature Women’s Health initiative was created to help researchers conduct pilot projects, consolidate research findings, or redirect existing scholarly work into the field of mature women’s health. Dr. Cheung earned her PhD in nursing at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities where she held a prestigious John A. Hartford Foundation Claire M. Fagin Post-Doctoral Fellowship in gerontological nursing. She is studying the short- and long-term physical and psycho-social effects of Hatha yoga practice on older women with knee osteoarthritis. Dr. Cheung hypothesizes that consistent practice of Hatha yoga will be positively associated with improvements in knee osteoarthritis symptoms, physical function of lower extremities, a decrease in fear of falling, falls, anxiety and depression, and overall quality of life.

Dr. Cheung’s interdisciplinary research team consists of:

  • Dr. Jean Wyman, Professor and Cora Meidl Siehl Chair in Nursing Research and Director of the Hartford Center of Gerontological Nursing Excellence at the University of Minnesota School of Nursing
  • Dr. Ulf Bronas, Assistant Professor and exercise physiologist at the University of Minnesota School of Nursing
  • Dr. Teresa McCarthy, geriatrician at the University of Minnesota Medical School
  • Dr. Julie Switzer, orthopedic surgeon at the University of Minnesota Medical School
  • Dr. Barbara Resnick, Professor and Sonya Ziporkin Gershowitz Chair in Gerontology at the University of Maryland School of Nursing
  • Kay Savik, MS, Biostatistician.

Congratulations Dr. Cheung!

Mature Women’s Health Networking Event

A networking event that occurs once every fall and spring semester to bring together scientists from across the university with the goal of advancing research in mature women’s health by fostering inter-professional research networks.